How to Protect our Children from the Sexual Revolution - Ep 58
How to Protect our Children from the Sexual Revolution - Ep 58 Why are we losing our children to sexual perversion? How can we set them up for being the men and women God wants them to be? Do sex and gender matter? Take a listen and don't fall prey to the spirit of the age.
The Power of a Joyful Family
We can do everything "right" but if we don't have joy, it is fruitless.
How Satan is Capturing the Hearts of Our Children
Satan uses many cunning ways to win us over. But one of the greatest ways we bring him straight into our homes is through entertainment.
Ancient civilizations had Rites of Passage for their children. They did this because they understood the power of raising up men and women of courage, conviction, and maturity. Here are some things we do.
Rite of Passage: Grand Canyon
Here is a recap of our sons latest rite of passage
Making Men Out of Boys: 101
When your oldest son goes to his mom and tells her that he is bored, there is only one thing to do. An adventure.
Little tips on reading the Bible to your kids. Join the battle.
How many Christian fathers read the Bible to their children? The percentage is low. Way too low. Don't let your children get sucked into this world. Prepare them for the battle between godly living and worldly living. Fathers, here are practical tips on how you can read the Bible to your kids.
The Danger of Cell Phones at Meal Time
Cell phones are great tools for communication but can also be great distractions that keep us from spending quality time with our family.
Thank You, Biological Mom
I was born in 1979, when abortion was legal, and my biological mother chose to give me life. Thank you, Biological Mom!
2 misconceptions about abortion
Genesis and I bring you 2 misconceptions of abortion. We are pleading with the hearts of people who think this is ok or vote for politicians who think this ok, to come before the Lord and ask Him for clarity.
3 quick tips to being a family of prayer
If we want our children to be people of prayer we must set the example by making prayer a normal, daily, and enjoyable part of our lives.
The Blessings of Special Needs Children
If you have a child that has special needs, you need to know that God gave you that child and that God is good. His ways aren't easy, but they are always best. ALL children are blessings from God.
Keeping Your Child's Heart
Who blesses your children the most? Their friends? Teachers? Hollywood? Whoever blesses your child the most will have their heart.

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