Jared Dodd

My name is Jared Dodd.

I have been doing ministry for the last 25+ years. My wife and I started a full-time ministry focused on family and discipleship in 2012 and we currently reside in Texas. We homeschool our 10 children and travel the country speaking on many different subjects including apologetics, family, homeschooling, discipleship, history, etc. We have written several books and many are on Audible, have a weekly podcast called The Blessed Family and have four Bible studies on RightNow Media which are used in homes, churches, and some private schools across the nation. I also currently serve as mayor of the city of Cottonwood Shores, TX.

Types of conferences/conventions:

I have spoken at various conferences over the years as both keynote and featured speaker. Some of these include North Dakota (NDHSA), Minnesota (MÂCHÉ), and Texas (THSC) Homeschool Conventions. I speak at churches around the country that are using our resources on Rightnow Media, at festivals, revivals, church conventions, camps, and more.

Keynote or Workshop Sessions

Our keynote and workshop titles span a very broad spectrum. We speak on anything related to Marriage, Parenting, Homeschooling, Apologetics, Bible, Government, History and Discipleship.

Here are examples below. We have many more.

How to get to the Marriage Altar with Purity- This world is enticing our christian children at an incredible rate. How can we prepare our offspring for a culture that is opposed to purity? Discover the power of a biblical approach.

7 Mistakes that many Parents Make- The Scripture says that we are to be aware of the Devil’s schemes. Here we identify seven traps of the enemy that most Christian parents are involved in unawares. 

16 Essentials for your Child’s SuccessKingdom parents need to have a biblical philosophy of education. Many Christian children are schooled, but not educated. This is a step by step through what is truly essential. (examples include: knowing history, being good with money, knowing apologetics, having a good work ethic, being skilled, etc.)

Rites of Passage- The goal of every Christian parent is to raise their children to be men and women of God. (not mere boys and girls). In this message we discuss practical ways to implement the ancient tradition of Rites of Passage. For many families, this is the ultimate building block for the maturing of their children. 

How to Have an Ever Increasing Marriage– Do you have a “good” marriage, a “great” marriage, or an ever-increasing marriage? Come discover how to heal lie-based thinking, bitterness, and separation, and how to instead have courageous conversations and the threefold intimacy that God desires.

The Importance of GenesisThe foundation for the gospel and the Christian life is Genesis. The false teachings of evolution, prehistoric life, and realism are not based on solid reasoning. Science, logic, geology, and archeology support the account of God’s beginning. Unlock the power of the foundation of God’s Word. In order for your family to be successful in God’s Kingdom, they must have a Genesis Worldview.

The Spirit of the Age- There is a foundational belief in our post-christian culture that has brought about all of the heresy and perversion of the age. It is something so simple, and yet, so powerful in how it shapes people’s thinking. It convinces people that there is no judgment, no gender roles, and no need for salvation. This philosophy has not only become the foundation of modern thinking, but has also crept into the local church. And what is more, a recent pole said that 50% of evangelical Christians agree with its premise.

The Importance of Gender- God’s people need to rediscover how powerful gender is in God’s Kingdom. If you make it your goal, as parents, to teach your sons to be biblical men and your daughters to be biblical women, they will succeed.

History of the Family Part 1- In this message you will discover the 7 Principles of Family that were embraced from Creation until around 1890. These are great mission objectives for the Kingdom family. Embrace, apply, and pass on these seven principles to your children, and they will be set up for success in God’s Kingdom. 

History of the Family Part 2- In this message you will learn the 7 Philosophies that have destroyed family from around 1890 to the present. Educate and warn your children in regards to these evil philosophies and they will be able to recognize them and protect their hearts from conforming to the pattern of the world. 

The Culture of God’s Kingdom vs the Culture of this World- Culture is what someone does without thinking about it. In this message you will discover how the culture of the world has infiltrated the priorities of God’s people. Kingdom families need to embrace a multigenerational pilgrimage away from the culture of the world and toward the priorities of God’s Kingdom. 

The Power of the Meal Table- The meal table is very dear to God’s heart, and for a good reason. If you implement His heart and practice for the meal table, you will experience a blessing that will be carried out with your future progeny for generations to come. 

How to get dads involved in homeschooling- In recent years, homeschooling has become a responsibility placed solely on mothers. The Scriptures, however, give a very different recipe for success in training up children in the ways of God. In this workshop, fathers will learn not only the vision that God has for them in the area of homeschooling, but also some great ideas for being involved in their greatest calling. Dads are essential to their children’s education.

How to get your kids excited about learning- Do you have to prod your children from assignment to assignment? Do they find homeschooling to be boring or a burden? If education isn’t fun and exciting, then something needs to change. Come and learn how to turn your child from a lazy student to one of initiative, hard work, and dedication.

The Story of Liberty- The early church, the Magna Carta, the Reformers, and men like John Wycliffe; these are all parts of the Story of Liberty. If we are going to appreciate and replicate the precious gift of freedom, we must rightly understand her story.

The Christian Life- How would you define the Christian life? As our nation has more and more embraced a watered down gospel, it has led us to embracing a watered down Christian life. In this message you will discover a powerful, strategically clear, and biblical presentation of the Christian life that God has graciously offered to us in Christ. 

A Challenge for the Sons and Daughters- Are your children going to be nagged and nudged down the narrow path, or are they going to get God’s vision for their lives and run the race? This talk is for them. 

Christianity & Government- When and why did God institute government? What is the proper role of government? What is the role of the Christian in the context of civil government? When Christians are able to answer the questions correctly, freedom shortly follows. This talk explains the the transforming biblical principles regarding Christianity and government. 

God’s Calling for Grandparents – Many grandparents, because of the influence of modern culture, have forfeited much of the amazing opportunity and responsibility God has given them. In this talk we share the Biblical vision of grandparenting and give practical instruction on how to impact grandchildren for the Kingdom of God. 

Audio Talk Samples

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The Christian Life

7 Traps That Many Parents Fall Into

Fees and Requirements

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Speaker Comments/ Evaluations

Here are several comments from evaluation forms from past conferences. We humbly put them here to help you in any decision making.

Jared Dodd is amazing!  He should be our keynote next year.

Jared was the best speaker!  Best ever that we’ve had at this convention since Sonja Schafer.

Jared Dodd was amazing and would love to see him as keynote speaker.

We very much enjoyed Jared Dodd and would love to see him return next year.

Jared Dodd is an amazing speaker—He should be a keynote.

Jared [Dodd] and Chuck [Black] were amazing.

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