We love that God uses many people to make a ministry work.

All of our discipleship training, radio, counseling, zoom meetings, webinars, bible studies and video production are made possible by families coming alongside us and partnering with us.

If you would like to give a gift or become a monthly supporter please see the links below. All online giving is secure through PayPal.

*See below for 501c3 giving through Allegro as we are not a 501c3. Email us at doddclan7@gmail.com for further questions.

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“You can give one-time online donations via PayPal or Credit Card”

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Additional information:

We are not a 501C3. We have prayed about becoming one and felt the Lord told us no. We appreciate your sacrifice in giving and know God will bless you. If you want/need to give with a 501C3 status, we have partnered with Allegro and can follow the links below. Thank you!

Giving through Allegro

As of 2023, Allegro has partnered with us if you want/need to give to a 501c3 status. They take 5% for their ministry but the rest goes to our ministry. So we have 2 ways of giving now. One is the same, using PayPal or mailing checks. The other is through Allegro.

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