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What kind of Christianity are you Following?
When we become a Christian we should reevaluate our worldview and the way we do things.
The Priesthood of Believers
In Gods Kingdom, every believer is a minister of the gospel.
The Christian Life
Jared Dodd speaks at Northwoods Life Church in MN
Jared Dodd speaks about Worldview at Northwoods life Church In MN.
The Sufficiency of Scripture
The Bible doesn't just tell us how to go to heaven. It tells us all we need to know in order to live the Christian life.
The Story of the Bible in 12 Parts
The Bible is the true story of God's activity with His creation. Here's a simple way to break it down in just 12 easy steps. (This is great strategy for teaching the story of the Bible to your children!)
Kill Women and Children?
If God is good why does He call for the destruction of women and children?
Does Moses Matter?
Does believing that Moses wrote the 1st five books of the Bible even matter?