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The Power of Thankfulness
Sometimes it's easy to focus on the negatives. Especially for pessimists. God wants us to be filled with joy. Here's some tips to make that happen.
Dodd's Book List - 76 books we recommend plus author's list
Having a book lists is both strategic and fun. The purpose of this list was simply to show the ingredients of a good book list.
Can you answer these 4 questions?
There are four questions we must all answer. Only Christianity offers the answers that make sense.
Happy Dietrich Bonhoeffer Day
75 years ago today, on April 9, 1945, Dietrich Bonhoeffer laid down his life for the cause of freedom. Our family honors him and learns from his example and we invite you to do the same. Freedom is never free. We need more men with such resolve.
How to Build your House on the Rock
What seperates the people on the narrow path from the broad? As always, the Bible has the answers.
Are You Seizing the Day?
Life is flying by. If you don't live it for Jesus, and make His priorities your priorities, you're going to waste this beautiful life He gave you.
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