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Live for God | Short Film
What really matters? Most people don't consider this until it's too late.
How Satan is Shaping Your Thinking (and you don't even know it)
This is one of the greatest tools that is transforming peoples minds. Because of deception, we don't even know it's happening.
Bloopers | Jared Dodd
Thanks for all your support, likes and shares. We enjoy making these videos.
Dodd Approved Magazine: Acts and Facts [FREE]
We are going to start letting you know of movies, books, board games, and magazines that we like. Get this one FREE from ICR.
2 Family Friendly Movies [Little Crew Studios]
If you are looking for fun family movies for movie night, we found 2 movies that are great for your kids or grandkids. A nice mix of little rascals type fun with a Christian theme. We enjoy them as much as our kids do.
Science Shepherd Board Book Promotion (Plus Bloopers)
Science Shepherd has come out with some great new board books!! They are giving all our listeners/watchers 10% off your entire order! Also, don't miss the bloopers: ...If you thought working with Amy was easy...
One Day More - Les Miserables
Fun family video from 2014
Family is Joy
One of the most needed ingredients in family is JOY. Christ offers us His joy to flow through us to those around us. As for my family, we highly value joy and have found it to be of greater value than much of what our culture deems important.
The Men Who Built America: Dodd Edition
We love the documentary The Men Who Built America: Frontiersman With a little extra time on our hands we just had to put this together! How did Jared and I make such studdley men!!?? -Amy
The Bible Isn't a Fairy Tale | Short Film
People today disregard the Bible just because they don't like Christianity.