We love all kinds of hands-on learning. We believe it helps make academics fun. Anytime we did a world geography lesson, I made homemade passports for our kids. Buy yourself a date stamp and it adds to the fun. The kids and I would sit on the couch and pretend to fly off to a country of study. Then we would stamp our passports and read several books on that country. We would spend several days there while studying culture, geography, and resources. Then we would fly off to another country and make a new stamp and memories. We loved this so much. I’ve included public domain stamps at the end of this passport. You can photocopy them, cut them out, glue them on and then use your date stamp on top to show when you “traveled” there. I know I don’t have every country so you made need to look for more online or draw your own. Be sure to print a headshot of your child to paste on the next page and have them fill in the information. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

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