The Epic Story | Book


When God gave us the Bible, He gave us a story. Indeed, the best way to learn truth is in the context of a story. In this book, Jared Dodd will help you not only learn the story of Scripture but also discover the theology and life principles that flow from the narrative.

We will begin by breaking the story into ten main sections: Creation and the Ancient World, Patriarchs, Exodus, Promised Land, Judges, Kings, Exile, Return, Gospel, Church and Final Judgement. Then we will break those down even further, into seventy-five points total. Each of these stories have lessons attached, often pointing to amazing truths of Christ and the New Covenant. Lord willing, you will have a complete view of the story of Scripture when you are finished.

This is a companion book to the video series, The Epic Story, which can be found on Rightnow Media and May God bless you as you embrace and treasure the Epic Story of Scripture.