Jesus said, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet forfeit his soul?”  Jesus’ logic here is phenomenal.  If we don’t have Jesus (even though we may have everything else) we have nothing in the end.  This is just as true for our children and should therefore give us a heavenly focus as parents.  Our children can become the most popular, wealthy, successful people, and yet, at the same time, completely forfeit eternal life in God’s Kingdom.  What are your goals for your children?  Is it the goals of this world, or the goals of God’s Kingdom?   The goal of God’s Kingdom is simple: To be a true follower of Christ and live a life of obedience.  We were created to bring glory to our King Jesus Christ, and if we aren’t doing that, then we are, in the end, wasting our life.

The only way to lead our children correctly is for us, as parents, to seek God’s will for our children, while at the same time showing our children how to seek the King for themselves.  “Ask and it will be given.  Seek and you will find.  Knock and the door will be opened.”  If you truly want God’s will for your children, and if you raise your children to truly want God’s will for themselves, then they will most certainly find it.  They will become true disciples of Christ.  Disciples are followers of Christ who strive to obey all that Jesus teaches.

One last point: Our culture is very focused upon vocations.  When we think about God’s will for our children, we automatically think about jobs and professions.  God’s focus isn’t so much about what your child will do as it is who your child will be.   What kind of person, spouse, and parent is your child going to become?  This is the focus of God’s Kingdom.  Don’t only direct your children along a path that is focused on vocations (even though jobs are, of course, important).  Instead, lead them down the path of Kingdom character.  Communicate that God’s goal for them is to become a person of integrity, holiness, and selflessness.  Show them that the greatest opportunity in this life is to follow Christ down the Narrow Path by dying to self and living for God.

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