1.) Color:get out lots of paper and crayons

2.) Felt or Magnet Boards: Have lots of people and scenery and they are occupied for awhile

3.) Puzzles

4.) Play Dough

5.) Building Blocks (We have Duplo Lego’s & Lincoln Logs)

6.) Stamps: We have a few stamp sets from Melissa and Doug that the kids love to use.

7.) Variety of Preschool games/toys: ‘My Fathers World’ has a good selection of Toddler and Preschool educational toys. Visit their website.

8.) Mini Chalk board and chalk: We have one from ‘Handwriting without Tears’ that my 3 year old loves.

9.) Pattern Blocks: We used these for 1st grade math and my 3 year old and 4 year old love them too.

10.) Handwriting Without Tears wooden letter pieces: they love playing with these.

(The toddlers can use the house as their playground of course, but if they want to be with us, I will usually pull out some of these things.)



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