Babies are a sweet gift whether by natural means or adoption. This is a short story on the amazing hand of God over the adoption of our 6th baby, Rubyjane Dodd.


It was 2006. Jared and I started our adoption journey because of our love of children. We had two kids but felt like adoption was in our future. We filled out applications and we were approved but we were going to soon be moving to the Philippians and our church elders felt like we should wait. At this time, we realized we would love to adopt around the same time we have a biological child so I could nurse for bonding.


Fast forward to 2011. We start the adoption process again. This time we get further and complete our home study. We planned to adopt from Ethiopia. Everything was working out great but suddenly Ethiopia closed its doors to adoption to ‘revamp’ their adoption process.  We decide that if the Lord wanted us to adopt it would be by word of mouth like Daddy Jared’s adoption.


Now we come to February 2013. I just had Job. He came out shoulders vertical and my pelvic bones spread so far I could not walk for weeks (and had roughly a 1 ½ years of therapy afterwards.) In the early weeks I was terrified at the thought of having more kids. I knew I would need more time for healing than the average 1 year that I nurse (this is the only preventative measure we take. I do not ovulate while I nurse. Trust me. I have had 5 kids. All women are different.) My faith in trusting God with my womb was tested. Did He care for me and my body? Was He really in control? What would He do?


March/April 2013. I am still seeing a physical therapist, massage therapist etc. for my legs. Jared receives a phone call from WI. Long story made short: We were honored to adopt Rubyjane even in our hardship (and me not being able to do a lot) plus she wasn’t due for another 7+ months.


How is God’s hand all over this? First, Job was 9 months old when Ruby was born. I was able to nurse her 45 minutes after she was born. Second, we adopted by word of mouth. This was just a picky preference as the process was still long and costly but we were honored. Lastly, I added about 8 months onto my recovery time as I nursed Ruby another 8 months after Job tuned 1.  I think God gave us the picky things like the nursing and word of mouth but also the BIG things like the added healing time for my body. He knew what I needed and used Rubyjane to bless me in ways I never even dreamed. Trusting and obeying God in all things especially through hardship AND seeing His glory in the end is the most beautiful and encouraging sight. It’s pretty much indescribable.


Happy Birthday


You are a gift from God in so many ways.

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