We went to the technician a couple weeks ago to get the baby measured and we weren’t sure if we were going to find out the gender. But when you take the other kids and they want to know its impossible to not find out. Isaiah and Ivy were routing for another girl and Jared II wanted a brother.  Well, as soon as the technician angled it towards the tush I said “Its another boy, isn’t it!” You could tell right away. He wasn’t hiding anything.  Unfortunately, Isaiah had to be encouraged. He was very sad/mad that Ivy wasn’t going to have another sister.  Even Ivy’s attitude changed the rest of the visit. But after a day of encouraging them and teaching them that God chooses when and where babies are born and their gender they got their heads wrapped around it and are now very excited to tell people they are having another brother!


January 23ish Baby Dodd #5 will arrive!

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