This last pregnancy was a doozy though worth every penny to have my baby boy.

Job Phoenix was born on Wednesday February 6th. We weren’t planning on having him that day but after our ultrasound they recommended inducing do to him and the amniotic fluid not looking as good as the wanted. Since I was already 1 ½ weeks overdue, we consented and luckily had brought all our supplies (since Austin is an hour away from our home).

This was going to be our first Birthing Center/ Midwife experience which is similar to doing it at home with a midwife. After 30 minutes of active labor and 15 minutes of pushing, Job made his debut and boy was it a debut. If it wasn’t enough to be 9 lb 14 oz he had a head circumference of 15 ½ inches-the biggest our midwife has ever delivered.

Unfortunately, I pulled and overstretched some muscles and ligaments that still had me bedridden 2 weeks later, though I am getting more and more mobility. (I still cannot wait to sleep on my side it.. hurts too much). But again, he is worth it.

A week after delivery, I had a D & C surgery after an ultrasound showed I had retained placenta. Another trial I didn’t want but had no choice in the taking. But like always, my baby was still worth it.

I hope no other complications arise in this recovery. But all the suffering of pregnancy and postpartum care couldn’t out way the immense blessing of Job Phoenix Dodd our new little Love.

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