1. Do you have DVD’s of any series besides Discipleship?
  • Unfortunately, we do not. We are looking for a way to make them for you and keep costs low. If you know of a DVD manufacturer, please share their information with us.

2. How much do you charge for speaking?

  • We are supported mainly through individual supporters who believe in our mission. Because of this, we are able to speak for FREE. (Any help to get to your location  and lodging is always appreciated.) Contact us today if you would like Jared to speak at your church or even for a weekend conference.

3. What kinds of conferences do you do?

  • We have done Family Discipleship Conferences and Discipleship Conferences. We have spoken for large churches, small home groups, and even homeschool conferences. We have a large array of topics we speak on.

3. Are you a Corporation or 501C3?

  • We are not a corporation and we have prayerfully decided not to become a 501C3. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may give to any giving.

4. How long have you been teaching Discipleship?

  • The DIO Trilogy was birthed in 2009. Jared’s family saw such huge transformation at their church, that they started their Discipleship Ministry in 2012 to help Christians learn how to obey all Christ has commanded.

5. Where are your FREE notes?

  • If you go to the store and click on the study you are doing, the FREE notes will be there. Just fill in your email and download.