WORLDVIEW: What’s Your Source of Truth? | Streamable Series

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  • Publisher : Dodd Family Ministry
  • Publish Date : February, 10, 2018

This is a Seven Week Bible Study Series exposing where your true worldview stems from. This will be a streamable video series.

Everyone has a worldview. They are either living according to man’s wisdom, or God’s Word. In this series, we expose the reality that much of today’s issues in the church and society are linked back to a faulty worldview. Unless we are willing to fully submit to God’s Word, in every area of our lives, we are going to miss out on His best for us and our families.



  1. Why is Worldview Important
  2. The Culture of God’s Kingdom
  3. History of The Family, Part One (Creation-1890)
  4. History of The Family, Part Two (1890-present)
  5. The Importance of Genesis
  6. Getting to the Marriage Altar with Purity
  7. 5 Reasons Why Our Children Are Leaving The Faith

7 lessons Total

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